Do you know that: the Eurasian bittern Botaurus stellaris (phot. Ł. Bednarz) is a secretive heron which builds nests in reeds. Males are territorial and generate a characteristic mating call which is referred to as booming which in April and May is audible from a distance of 2-5 km.


A typical breeding area of the Eurasian bittern at Lake Sumin.

Existing environmental protection forms: Nature 2000 protection area of Polesie (PLB060019), Nature 2000 protection area of Ostoja Poleska (PLH060013).


Directions: From Urszulin we drive along the national road no. 82 towards Lublin. Having driven about 0.7 km, before a petrol station, we turn right towards Puchaczów, pass the village of Kozubata and reach the village of Sumin where Lake Sumin is situated (GPS coordinates: 5122’14.81’’N; 2309’00.40’’E; elevation: 168 m).


Bird watching equipment:  binoculars and canoe (a canoe may be rented in Wytyczno).


Transport: canoe.

Difficulty level: mid difficult in terms of the necessity of canoeing.


Length of the trail:  3-4 km or shorter depending on individual abilities.


Periods for bird watching

bird watching period                        
the best season for birding                        


Trail description: The trail begins and ends at the canoe jetty. Canoeing should be made dependent on weather conditions. In case of strong wind we should give up canoeing because of high waves which may pose danger to our safety. In case of mild wind, which may be also a hindrance on open water surface, we should canoe only near the canoe jetty. Under windless conditions or in case of very mild wind we can use the whole Lake surface for canoeing. All safety regulations must be adhered to and we should have a safety jacket in our equipment.

The most important bird species to be seen or heard during the best season for birding: the Eurasian bittern, the common goldeneye, the greylag goose, the great crested grebe, the red-necked grebe, the great reed warbler, the common tern, the mute swan, the gadwall.


The best observation points: 1 – canoe jetty – view over the southern part of the Lake where in April and May mating Eurasian bitterns are to be heard. Moreover, from the observation tower great-crested grebes, sometimes even red-necked grebes, as well as Eurasian coots, greylag geese, swans and other aquatic birds can be seen; 2 – a good spot for the observation of aquatic birds. With a bit of luck Eurasian bitterns flying from one reed to another may be seen. At this point grebes, ducks and other aquatic birds may be seen.

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Observation points

Eurasian bittern Lake Sumin

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Main roads

Bodies of water

Local roads

Watercourses lux


Forests lux2

Borders of the Polesie NP

Open spaces]


The “Eurasian bittern” Trail.

Other attractions in the vicinity of the trail: First of all, the Polesie National Park ( needs to be visited – naturally extraordinary area with not only regional or national, but also European importance in terms of the protection of wetland. In Stare Załucze the Educational-Museum Centre of the Polesie National Park is situated. Apart from that there is a Nordic walking trail “The Lake Trail” leading from Stare Załucze through nature path “The Spławy Trail” in the Polesie National Park to Zawadówka and back to Załucze. On the northern part of Lake Sumin there is a cycling trail “The Lake Trail”. Both at Lake Sumin and Lake Rotcze in Grabniak wonderful conditions for bathing and sunbathing together with car parks, toilets, roofing and jetties have been created. Lake Sumin is additionally a great place for fishing.