Orlik krzykliwy 007aDo you know that: the lesser spotted eagle has the largest population among breeding eagles in Poland, which amounts to 2300-2700 breeding pairs. One can easily distinguish an eagle from “not-an-eagle” as eagles have feathers reaching to toes on their legs. On the Krowie Marsh a mixed pair of a lesser spotted eagle and a great spotted eagle has been discovered. Both species may be observed hunt and fly above the Krowie Marsh.

Orlik grubodzioby_92119177bDo you know that: the great spotted eagle is, on the other hand, the rarest breeding eagle species in Poland and the size of its population scarcely amounts to 12-20 pairs. The only area where the great spotted eagle breeds regularly are the Biebrzańskie Marshes – the brood of the great spotted eagle which has been discovered on the Krowie Marsh is unique in the scale of the entire country.

krowie_bagnoThe Krowie Marsh – a legendary place for ornithology where Władysław Taczanowski himself came in the nineteenth century. Unfortunately, as a result of drainages this peat bog has dried out and irretrievable changes have been caused. The legacy of this magnificent place is the mixed pair of a lesser spotted eagle and a great spotted eagle.


Existing environmental protection forms: the Poleski Landscape Protection Area, Nature 2000 protection area of the Krowie Marsh (PLH060011).


Directions: From Urszulin we drive along the national road no. 82 towards Włodawa. Having driven about 7 km, we turn right to the village of Wytyczno and then, in this village, arrive at the branch of the Commune Public Library of the Urszulin Commune (GPS coordinates: 5125’45.58’’N; 2315’31.83’’E; elevation: 168 m).


Bird watching equipment:  binoculars and spotting scope.


Difficulty level: easy.


Length of the trail:  about 6 km.


Transport: on foot or by bike.


Periods for bird watching

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Trail description: The trail leads from the branch of the Commune Public Library of the Urszulin Commune in Wytyczno (GPS coordinates: 5125’45.58’’N; 2315’31.83’’E; elevation: 168 m) through the village, eastwards towards Hańsk. Then, it runs southwards from Wytyczno in the direction of an old evangelical cemetery. Next, it goes through the Krowie Marsh and comes back to Wytyczno at the library.

The most important bird species to be seen or heard during the best season for birding: the lesser spotted eagle, the great spotted eagle, the steppe eagle, the golden eagle, the red-footed falcon, the merlin, the saker falcon, the crane, the corn crake, the Montagu’s harrier, the hen harrier, the pallid carrier, the Caspian gull, the Eurasian curlew, the black-tailed godwit, the greater white-fronted goose, the bean goose, the barnackle goose, the white stork, the black stork, the Lapland longspur, the snow bunting, the horned lark, the red-throated pipit.


The best observation points: 1 – spot for the observation of the nest of the white stork, the European serin, the house sparrow, the European goldfinch, the common linnet and many other birds related to farm dwellings. 2 – view over the open space of the Krowie Marsh where lesser spotted eagles, great spotted eagles, Montagu’s harriers as well as golden eagles or red-footed falcons and occasionally steppe eagles or saker falcons hunt; corn crakes may be heard; 3 – extensively farmed damp meadows where tooting northern lapwings or feeding white storks as well as singing larks may be observed.

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The great/lesser spotted eagle the Krowie Marsh

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The “Lesser spotted and great spotted eagle” Trail

Other attractions in the vicinity of the trail: see the “Ferruginous duck” Trail.